Avatar is the best T.V. show in the world. It has the best characters, places, and fights.

The characters include Aang, Katara, Saka, Appa, Momo, Zuko, and many more. Aang is a funny and kind airbender. He is the avatar and although his airbending skills are fantastic, he has alot to learn before he will be ready to save anyone. The avatar proficy is to master all four elements, but he has something else he must do. The war between the Fire Kingdom and the rest of the world is as big as ever. He is the only one that can end this war, but has limited time and must master Water, Earth, and Fire in this time before the meteor returns and the Fire Benders launch it to . Will he suceed, or will the world crumple in the hands of the fire benders? Zuko is a nasty fire bender that only wants one thing. That one thing is to be accepted by his father, the Fire Lord.

Some of the amazing sights include the city of Omashu as well as the Northern Water Kingdom, the Northern Air Temple, and many others. The city of Omashu is a vibrent Earth Bending Kingdom ruled by King Boomie, Aang's childhood friend. It is full of dried mud buildings with bright green decorations. Many chutes occupy the air, like the Marquam Bridge's roads leading up to it, for transportation purposes.